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June 2019 - Red Bridge is Recognized by the City of Hoboken as                      a Green Business




December 2014 - 130 Park achieves LEED Platinum Certification



May  2014 - 310 Park achieves LEED Gold Certification




March 2014 - Hoboken Chamber of Commerce Green Business                          of the Year


March 2012 - Smart Growth Award


Red Bridge Wins 'Gold'


The Hudson County Planning Board awarded Red Bridge the 2012

“Smart Growth” Gold Award for its M2 (M Squared) project located at 130 Park Avenue

in Hoboken, NJ. The award was presented to developers, John Heidenry, Peter Slifirski

and Robert Sussens, at an award ceremony held April 12 in The Freeholders Chambers

of The Hudson County Administration Building. Also in attendance was

U.S. Senator Robert Menendez, who received an award for “Smart Growth Leadership,

” as well as other “green” developers who took home the Silver and Bronze awards.

The M2 project received the Gold Award due to the multiple green facets used in constructing

the building that will make it nearly energy self-sufficient: the building is heated and cooled via

a series of geothermal wells drilled to a depth of 300 feet which circulate a glycol fluid into each apartment’s heat pump to take advantage of the Earth’s constant temperature of approximately 57 degrees. As a byproduct of the geothermal cooling in the summer months, all units will have free hot water from the heat energy that is taken out of the apartments. The building will also have a solar array that will generate in excess of 35000kW hours per year, enough energy to take care of the entire building’s electrical needs. In addition, all lighting fixtures in the building will be ultra-efficient LEDs, all water fixtures and toilets are low-flow, hot water is tankless and on-demand, rain water flows to a storage tank so as not to burden Hoboken’s sewer system and all construction debris is recycled.The developers of M2 would like to thank their architects, Minervini-Vandermark, LLC, their attorney Robert Matule and their planner Ed Kollings as well as the Hoboken Zoning Board who believed in this project and voted unanimously to approve it. In addition, the developers want to thank the Hudson County Planning Board for approving the building and for choosing this project to win this prestigious award.All of the green building initiatives above and more will make M2, when completed in August, New Jersey’s first LEED Platinum-certified condominium.M2 consists of 10 family-friendly units ranging in size from 1251 to 2700 square feet. It is on schedule to be completed and ready for occupancy in August. M2 is fully pre-sold.

November 2011 - Community Spirit


Developer gives more than two dozen new trees to Hoboken - 


Red Bridge developer John Heidenry – who’s building this new LEED-certified M2 project on Park Ave. between 1st & 2nd is doing more than just eco-friendly structures – he’s also making Hoboken “greener” in other ways.This week, six Japanese Zelkova trees were delivered, and will be installed in the area surrounding this project. Heidenry queried neighbors and got permission to donate them. Out of the 25 trees delivered so far, 13 are on city sidewalks, and the rest are on private property (backyards, etc.) Nice to see property developers who also give back, and improve the neighborhood along the way!



October 2011 - Manor Garden Award


Contemporary addition to a historic urban fabric.


This newly constructed, multi-family residential building successfully blends modern building methods and materials into its neighborhood’s historical context. For many years, the standard for new buildings in and around Hoboken, with few exceptions, had been very poor.The Manor Garden helped demonstrate new thinking with its honest, straightforward design and construction. Many solid elements (brick, cast stone and metal) were largely predetermined, but the plan called for maximum glazing in an effort to help nature penetrate further into the deep narrow floor plan. Finding the right balance was necessary, adhering to strict city ordinances regarding clear ratios of glass to masonry, etc. Marvin Windows and Doors were key in maximizing the amount of glazing with consideration for noise minimization on a busy, urban street. And since heat gain and loss were also concerns, Marvin’s range of products proved to be the clear winner. Since completion, The Manor Garden has become a neighborhood standout and set a shining example for nearby infill projects to come.

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