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Welcome to Hoboken!

An easy way to acquaint yourself with Hoboken's vibrant community is to visit the town's official website.  In particular, new residents will find this list of resources essential to ensure a smooth transition to life in Hoboken. 


If you have a family with children, the quality of daycare facilities and education are important factors when moving to a new area.  There are a growing number of local daycare options as well as public and private schools --you are sure to find one that meets your specific needs.  And if you're looking for classes, excursions or other activities to keep the little ones entertained be sure to visit the Hoboken Family Alliance or Mommy Poppins websites for continually updated suggestions.


From shopping on Washington Street, to exploring fantastic  restaurants and bars tucked away in quiet corners of town, there is always something interesting to discover in this one of a kind, mile square city!

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